What does 7-color printing process mean?

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In the 7-color printing process, seven colors are used instead of just four primary colors. In addition to the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black, their complementary colors, light cyan, light magenta and light black are also used. This achieves a better color representation. 

The 7-color print ensures soft color gradients, which is particularly effective with light colors. In the case of image motifs such as faces, skin tones are displayed particularly naturally.

Due to the three additional shades, the grid is less visible. This also guarantees high quality of the printed details that are in the shadows or in the dark areas of the photo. What's more, the sharpness of the image is comparable (or even better) to that in offset printing. So the 7C print quality equals the quality of the photo prints.

The additional tints make the color grid less visible. This improves the quality of the image sharpness in detail and you have a very special color experience for your CCS products. Best to see it with your own eyes!