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CCS fabric frame Bürogestaltung AirBnB
CCS fabric frame Bürogestaltung AirBnB

Flexible design of new working environments

Discover a new work space era with our flexible frame system

Corporate Interior Design

Show your corporate DNA through images and combine functional and aesthetic aspects in your workplace.

Office Planning

Maximize the benefits of your office space and create future-oriented premises for your employees.

Acoustics and lighting concept

Create a pleasant and warm atmosphere with unique acoustic and lighting elements.

Stylish, smart and environmentally friendly


Room Dividers

Wood Wall

Wall Frame

Acoustic Ceiling

CCS fabric frame Bürogestaltung

Classic Frame

Light Frame

Open-plan Offices and Co-Working spaces
Flexibility is crucial in open-plan and co-working spaces. CCS fabric frame offers frameless design options for maximum customizability and a modern look. With the smart Fabric Frame System, impressive visualizations can be created in just a few steps. The modular structure and specially developed corner connectors enable easy installation. Our Acoustic Frames reduce excessive background noise, while Classic Frames and Light Frames offer a variety of profile depths and colors to suit individual requirements.
Conference and Meeting Rooms
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CCS Office solutions offer perfect staging for conference and meeting rooms. With tailor-made Classic Frames you can choose from different profile depths and colors. Acoustic frames reduce disturbing background noise, while light frames with bright motifs create an impressive atmosphere. Easy assembly and high-quality materials ensure a professional and flexible presentation.
Individual Offices and Back Offices
Individual design is important in individual offices and back offices. CCS offers Classic Frames with custom profile depths and colors for a personal touch. Light Frames create strong contrasts and bright motifs, while Acoustic Frames protect the room from excessive noise. The Fabric Frame System allows for easy and quick assembly, and the high quality prints ensure an impressive visual presentation.
Reception and Entrance Area
First impressions count, and CCS Office products ensure an impressive reception area. Classic Frames offer individual profile depths and colors, while Light Frames with bright motifs attract attention. Acoustic frames reduce background noise for a pleasant atmosphere. The frameless design and easy installation of the Fabric Frame System fit perfectly into a modern and inviting entrance area.
Practices and Studios
An appealing atmosphere is crucial in practices and studios. CCS Acoustic Frames reduce disruptive background noise, while Classic Frames personalize the rooms with individual profile depths and colors. The Fabric Frame System enables rapid redesign with impressive visualizations. Light frames provide lively contrasts and pleasant lighting. The high-quality materials ensure long-term, sustainable design.hear from your customers. You could discuss product details, size fit, shipping policies, or anything you think would help merchants make an informed decision about your products. This section will appear across all products.

Flexible Design

Exclusive, elegant and flexible – our high-quality office solutions set new standards in every office. Bring beauty and function to your rooms and create a harmonious design concept.

First-class room acoustics

Experience perfect room acoustics in the form of visual highlights in your rooms. Mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling, they reduce annoying reflections, background noise and reverberation.

Smart Lighting

Immerse yourself in the future of intelligent lighting. Our energy-efficient and high-quality light frames create an atmosphere of well-being in every room.

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Sustainable work space design with recycled PET Textiles

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Raumgestaltung neu gedacht: Modernes Arbeiten dank Aluminiumrahmen

Immerse yourself in a world of modern interior design where aluminum frames are more than just design elements - they are the driving force behind flexible and inspiring work environments. With CCS Fabric Frame, take a new approach to interior design in the age of New Work in your office, studio, practice or even at the POS!

Interior design in the age of New Work

The way we work is very dynamic. New Work is not just a buzzword, but is shaping the future of the working world in new office spaces through flexibility, creativity and communication. At CCS Fabric Frame, we are not just following these developments. We shape practices, studios, exhibition stands or even your salesrooms with tailor-made interior design solutions that do justice to the principles of New Work.

Frame System: The key to flexibility

Our frame systems are our way into this future of office design. They are light and robust and form the basis for your individual room design - and for you! Because our frame systems make it possible to shape rooms according to the needs of your employees and your company. Branding meets office atmosphere: the versatility of our aluminum frames creates dynamic workspaces that can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

The diversity of our aluminum frames

Discover your possibilities with our products! Our aluminum frames that take your office space, your law firm or even your store to a new level. Our work for your business! The product range not only offers robust and flexible frames, but also different designs and configurations that can be perfectly adapted to your ideas of modern interior design.

Discover our aluminum frames for your office

From sleek, minimalist frames to eye-catching, customizable models, we offer the right aluminum frames to make your vision of modern and functional office spaces a reality. Find out more about the different types of frames and be inspired by how these elements can positively influence the aesthetics and functionality of your interior design.

Design meets function in perfect harmony

The interior design of office spaces requires a successful fusion of design and function. We help you with great ideas and functionalities: Our aluminum frames not only offer a modern and aesthetic look, but also meet practical interior design requirements. The integration of fabrics and other materials creates visually appealing partitions and even sound-absorbing elements that improve the working atmosphere. We offer you “the perfect framework” for New Work at the highest level.

New Work redefined: We work in an environmentally conscious way
Also up-to-date: our commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our production and our products. Our aluminum frames are made from high-quality, recyclable materials and are durable to ensure an environmentally friendly interior design. The conscious selection of sustainable materials helps to conserve resources and create a positive ecological balance.

Pro Office: Inspiration through individuality
Every company, every workplace, every studio or store is unique. We give you the opportunity to reflect this uniqueness in your interior design. With our aluminium frames, you have the freedom to design your space individually - whether by choosing different colors, fabrics or configurations. There are no limits to your creativity. Tell us how you want your frames, and we'll make it so.

Your individual interior design
Would you like to find out more about how we can design your office space with New Work in mind? Our experts are on hand to work with you to develop the best solutions for your interior design and achieve much more pleasant room acoustics. At CCS Fabric Frame, we specialize in creating spaces that are not only workplaces, but also places of inspiration and creativity. Contact us for a personal consultation and experience the future of the modern office!