What happens after digital printing? How are the fabrics made up?

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After digital printing, the textile prints are made up. With further processing, there are many possibilities: Any format can be achieved by assembling the printed webs or any shape and size can be made up by cutting. 

We supply high-precision packaging, carefully handcrafted, cut to size, reinforced at the edges, eyelets, provided with hemstitching and with piping and Velcro.

Cut to size

Since we process a wide range of fabrics, each material requires special processing. Various cutting processes, cold cut or hot cut, are used here.

Fabrics such as our Blackback Classic, also known as knitwear, are cut to size using the cold-cutting process. With the cold cutting tool, e.g. B. a circular knife, the material is cut precisely.

Woven goods such as Backlit Performance are hot-cut using CO 2 laser technology. The laser beam is sharply bundled over the material surface and separates the material to be processed with metered energy through sublimation (evaporation). Due to the temperature, the material is optimally welded and fraying of the edge is prevented.

Reinforced edges and eyelets

With an eyelet, the fabrics are reinforced at the edge, so the eyelets have an excellent hold for every assembly. The distance between the eyelets can be adjusted exactly according to your wishes or adapted to an existing mounting system.


A continuous tunnel is created by folding and sewing the material. Hemstitches are usually attached at the top and bottom, then a rod is passed through the hems. The hemstitch gives the textile print the necessary tension so that the print hangs without creases.


A piping is the edge reinforcement of a cloth, which is usually made of plastic. The piping is sewn onto the textile print and ensures that the fabric can be clamped into the aluminum frame in order to stretch the textile print without creases. Thanks to the piping system, our textile prints can be easily exchanged and are extremely flexible when designing with our fabric frames. Of course, our premium piping is recyclable and PVC-free.

Easy tape

The flexible Velcro tape can be easily attached to the outer edges of the wall as a self-adhesive tape. The complementary fleece band is firmly sewn to the edge of the fabric print and can therefore be placed on the wall and removed again.