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Our frames effectively showcase your motifs and create more attention for your brand

fabric frame® System


Our flexible, modular and practical Fabric Frame system allows you to create a completely new atmosphere in your room. Prints can be easily changed at any time, giving you the freedom to reinvent your space again and again.

Classic Frame

Choose from a variety of profile depths and colors, made to measure for you. The sturdy aluminum frame is easy to assemble and offers maximum flexibility.

Light Frame

Our Light Frames create even stronger contrasts and luminous motifs. Easy to operate via a switch, smartphone or connected smart home devices.

Acoustic Frame

Our Acoustic Frames not only look good, they also reduce the noise level in open spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms and lobbies.

Easy Assembly

The simple system with our quick connectors makes assembly and dismantling easier.

Stable & Durable

Our extremely stable and modular aluminum frames are made for eternity

Made to Measure

We make our frames to measure and can therefore also cater to individual wishes.

Inexpensive transportation

The aluminum frame can be disassembled for transport and saves space and costs.

Modular Frame System

Simple. Stylish. Innovative.

Simple assembly with just one Allen key makes the Fabric Frame child's play to set up. This makes the implementation of your ideas a playful pleasure. The quick assembly and disassembly in just a few minutes, the small packing dimensions and the light weight also make the Fabric Frame perfect for quick and cost-effective transportation.

Seamless Elegance

Discover Our Frameless Design

The motifs are precisely printed and professionally sewn around the edge with a silicone strip so that they fit perfectly into the edge of the aluminum frame. When the print is stretched into the frame, the result is an edgeless and smooth appearance that creates an impressive "frameless" effect.

Multifunctional and flexible in use

The Modular Fabric Frame® System

Frame System

Our sturdy frame systems are easy to assemble and modular. Made from robust aluminum, the frames are available in a range of profiles and RAL colors and can be covered with our textile prints. Whether mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or free-standing, the light weight of CCS frames makes them a popular design feature. Our frames can be reused for many years, which is good for the environment and the budget.

Textile and Piping

A remarkable advantage of the sublimation process lies in the high quality of this process. In contrast to near-surface printing processes, sublimation penetrates deep into the fabric and ensures that the color becomes an integral part of the textile. This combination avoids color breaks and enhances visual appeal with a seamless and vibrant finish. The result is a visually stunning display that accurately reproduces even intricate details.

Acoustic Foam

Our acoustic frames consist of first-class acoustic foam, a stable frame system and individually printed textiles. This dynamic combination not only provides an aesthetically pleasing solution, but also effectively reduces disruptive noise in any room. With a variety of shapes and hanging options, our acoustic frames adapt seamlessly to any room concept. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the acoustic foam absorbs unwanted sound waves, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

LED Back Panel

Our LED back walls transform your motifs into radiant works of art, easily controlled via a switch, your smartphone or smart home devices. The uniform backlighting by high-quality LEDs gives our prints impressive depth, brilliant colors and sharp contrasts. CCS LED Frames set the scene for your motifs and create an impressive visual presence.

Diffuser Cloth

A diffuser is a material or structure that is used to scatter and distribute light rays instead of concentrating them in a specific direction. In the context of CCS LED frames, an additional diffuser is used to scatter the light generated by the LEDs and thus achieve a more homogeneous illumination of the fabric print. The use of a diffuser in the CCS fabric frame LED frames is designed to make the light distribution across the fabric print more uniform.

Suspension and Mounting

Assembling the Fabric Frame is child's play with just a standard Allen key. This simple handling makes the realization of your ideas a playful pleasure. You can assemble or disassemble your Fabric Frame in just a few minutes, which is particularly practical if you want to use it in different places.

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Flexible Aluminum Frames: The solution for every project

Present yourself, your brand and your designs in the perfect frame! With CCS Fabric Frame, your expert for high-quality modular aluminum frames. Our aluminium frames are not only smart and lightweight, but also customizable. Discover the fascination of our aluminum frames and find out why CCS is a first-class choice for you!

A made-to-measure system with a modular design

Our aluminum frames offer a particularly well thought-out system that is fully tailored to your needs. The steel quick connectors have been developed by us for you and make assembly child's play - with just one Allen key.

Highest quality, highest durability

The stability and durability of our frames are second to none, as we only use the best materials for production. Customized profile depths and shapes allow us to perfectly match the aluminium frames to our individual textile prints and, of course, meet all your individual requirements. Your finished "total work of art" can be transported disassembled. This saves space and costs.

All the advantages of our aluminum frames at a glance
  1. Easy assembly with specially developed quick-release steel connectors
  2. Stable & durable for long-term use
  3. Custom-made for individual requirements
  4. Perfectly matched to our high-quality textile prints
  5. Cost and space-saving transportation thanks to collapsible frames
Modular Frame System: Simple. Stylish. Innovative.

Our modular frame system offers you a wide range of options for implementing your projects. The easy handling, stylish appearance and innovative solutions make our aluminum frames a first-class choice for demanding applications.

The top 5 reasons for CCS Fabric Frames

  1. High quality standards and individual solutions: We support you in your upcoming projects with the highest quality standards and individual solutions.
  2. Made in Germany: We are proud of our local production in Düsseldorf and welcome orders from all over the world.
  3. Fast & Reliable: Short procurement channels and efficient production units ensure a smooth process and fast delivery times for your aluminum frames.
  4. Personal advice: our sales team is on hand to provide individual advice. We also respond quickly and easily to requests at short notice.
  5. Smart packaging: As with our fabrics, we also rely on economical and ecological packaging and shipping for our aluminum frames, saving on delivery and storage costs.

Put your trust in CCS Fabric Frame for high-quality aluminum frames - a smart solution for your individual projects.