How our motif catalogue works

Select a motif

You’ll find we have a huge selection of motifs If you’d prefer to have a custom motif printed, contact us directly.

Choose the method of attachment

You can choose from three options for attaching the fabric: Keder rail, Velcro fluff and hot cut.

Get an offer

Use the contact form or call one of our experts. They’ll provide advice and support for your project without obligation, all free of charge.

Why fabric rather than wallpaper?

That’s easy
install it yourself

Change motifs
at any time

Reusable and

Washing machine and
dryer friendly

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Fabrics & textile prints

Selection of fabrics and textile prints
Large format prints

Classic Frame

Pictures and displays
Large format prints

Light Frame

Backlit images in
brilliant color

Acoustic frames

Sound absorbing
acoustic solutions

Sustainable and reusable

We achieve sustainability through the use of recycled materials, but above all through local production, short distances and the responsible use of the raw materials available to us.

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make our products even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We are especially proud of our fabrics made from recycled PET bottles – a customer favorite.

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Christian Lehmann

Senior Sales Manager