Sustainable fabrics and frame systems

We’re always working to improve our products and processes to make them even more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our durable and reusable fabric frame system is a sustainable solution for individual custom design and advertising space.

Sustainable production

Our aluminum frames are built to last. The system behind them is designed for permanent use. Just swap out the fabric prints to suit your new interior design, or your current campaign or collection. What’s more, our modular frame system can be altered to accommodate even larger prints at a later date.

All our printing inks are water based. That means harmful vapors aren’t produced during processing. That not only protects the environment, but the CCS team as well. That also mean’s there’s also no irritating chemical smell during the installation process or afterwards. The fabrics can be stored and folded easily without inconviences such as chemical reactions or color fading.

The entire production is located on site in Düsseldorf and a large part of our suppliers also produce within Germany. That keeps unnecessary transportation and additional effort at a minimum, which is good for the environment–and your wallet. The foldable fabric prints and the modular quality of our frames also minimizes packaging material and is lightweight to transportation.

Fabrics from recycled PET bottles

We offer sustainable fabrics made from recycled PET bottles that matches the same high quality standards of our range of other fabric options.
Our PET fabrics can also be combined with other available frame systems.

The plastic is pulverized and
melted to form small pellets.
These pellets are then
melted to create new strands
of yarn.

Our PET fabrics are made
from discarded plastic bottles.
That means we save both water and energy
and avoid unnecessary CO2 emmissions
and waste.

The recycled fabrics are just as strong,
robust, abrasion resistant and
fast drying as our
conventional fabrics.

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Involvement with the German
Sustainability Award

Every year, the German Sustainability Award honors exemplary sustainability achievements in business and research. CCS has been a partner and supporter of this idea for years. All large format surfaces are realized with the CCS Fabric Frame System. This allows the team to reuse the frame systems over and over again and use new fabric prints as needed.

What we stand for

Made in Germany

We are proud to produce all our products locally, right here in Düsseldorf. At the same time, we’re also thrilled to receive orders from all over the world.


Our high quality standards and frame reusability make our products both durable and cost effective.

Made with sustainability in mind

Our foldable and non-iron fabrics can be easily stacked and packed. They reduce both delivery and storage costs.

The right products for your interior design

Fabrics & textile prints

Selection of fabrics and textile prints
Large format prints

Classic Frame

Pictures and displays
Large format prints

Light Frame

Backlit images in
brilliant color

Acoustic frames

Sound absorbing
acoustic solutions

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