Consultation and sales

Yes, both businesses and individuals are among our customers. Because our frame systems and fabrics are individually produced, first we’ll need some information about your particular project. Contact us here.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor of CCS products, please contact our sales team. They’ll be happy to discuss the possibility of working with you.

We look forward to seeing you at our CCS showroom, where all the applications of our framing systems are on display for your convenience.
Come see us at Immermannstraße 7, 40210 Düsseldorf (Mitte)

And if you are interested in our production processes on site as part of a larger project, we’d be happy to take you on a personal tour of our production facility.

Of course, just give us a bit of information about your particular project first. Then we’ll be happy to send you a suitable selection of our fabrics free of charge.

CCS products are available in different models that can be combined and used in a wide variety of ways. That’s why our experts are happy to assit you find the right solution for your particular project.

Our experts for textile prints, metalwork and electronics are happy to help realize your products according to your particular specifications, even if things get a little complicated.

Additional services

Just give us a photo of where you’re planing to install your product. To help you decide, we can then insert your desired motif in the right size ratio and perspective into the photo provided – as if it were “already there” (because only you can answer this question 🙂 )

To clarify this question, we offer professional image checks, color matching and test prints. That means you can be sure that your selected motifs–e.g. photos, graphics, campaign images, logos or lettering–will be of the best quality in the final format.

We don’t create images ourselves, but we have access to image databases from which we can suggest a wide variety of photos and graphics for printing.


In general, the production of frames and fabrics takes 4 to 7 business days. Depending on the scope of your project and the required production and shipping processes, express production and delivery may also be available.

Our entire production facility for prints and framing systems is located at Ungelsheimer Weg 1-3 in the Düsseldorf-Lichtenbroich industrial park – right by the international airport. Visitors are always welcome to stop by our showroom in Düsseldorf-Mitte, Immermannstraße 7

Throughout our production process, we pay particular attention to durable materials, solvent-free inks, short distances and the responsible use of CO2, energy and waste. Our aluminum frames with interchangeable fabric prints are durable and built to last. In addition, we offer recycled fabrics made from PET bottles that meet the same high quality standards as all our textile prints.

Yes, our frames and fabrics can be produced according to your precise specifications, right down to the millimeter. Our state-of-the-art printing technology enables us to realize even large-format prints quickly and in the best print quality compared to many other suppliers.

We produce seamless textile prints up to 3 meters in height and of almost any desired width. But we can also go bigger: we divide motifs over 3 meters in height into several segments and sew them together with seams that are barely visible. Our frame system is designed to enable oversize motifs to be divided among several interconnected frames or stretched in one piece on a frame with stabilizing braces on the back.

Yes, we offer solutions for integrated monitors, shelf brackets or additional lighting, to name a few. Stop by our Showcase and get inspired. Our team is happy to provide no-obligation advice on the project you envision.

Textile prints - interchangable motifs

We use the dye sublimation process exclusively for all our prints. In this process, the dye is vaporized into the textile by heat. That means the color becomes a part of the fabric itself, which means the print is not only razor sharp and washable at 30 degrees but also resistant to abrasion.

For your print data, we get everything out of our 7-color process. Your high-resolution printed photos are sharp even up close. Even the finest color nuances are faithfully reproduced.

But it is not only the material that makes the difference, but above all our experts behind it, our service and our claim to deliver top quality for every single order.

That’s why we ensure perfect color management with our certified proofing system. If desired, we can create a custom color sample archive for you so that your individual colors can be reproduced time and again even if a long period time of time elapses between orders.

Yes, there are very many design and technical textiles that we can equip with the suitable silicone replacement piping for the Fabric Frame frame system. Please reach out to us so we can check if your desired fabric is suitable for our process.

In principle, the processing of very many fabrics is possible with our particular printing process. So if you don’t find the right fabric in our line of printing stock, just reach out to us with your special request.

We offer our textile prints on a large selection of fabrics with a range of different features. Our printing process produces razor-sharp image motifs with vibrant colors on it. What’s more, all our textile prints are compatible with all standard SEG frame systems.

Generally, for optimal results, your image file should be of a sufficiently high resolution relative to the size of the print. That means they need to be between 50 and 72 dpi for photos and other pixel-based files. In addition, it’s important that the motif is 2cm larger all around the edges than the final format. We’ve summed up all the details, including information on precise color determination, in our list of information for data transfer .

We can accept your print data via cloud services such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. Or ask your contact at CCS for login details for our system:

You can also hand over your files to us in person at our showroom at Immermannstraße 7, Düsseldorf.

Frame system

Our flexible system is not only quick and easy to set up, but also allows maximum flexibility in the design of your surfaces thanks to the interchangeable fabric prints. Due to the high print quality and the tension in the fabric, there are no wrinkles, color breaks or light reflections. Since we produce each frame individually, special shapes and custom work are no problem at all.

Yes, you can choose from 213 colors of the RAL® Classic color palette with which we can coat your aluminum profiles.

Common sizes are 32 mm for standard images, 45 mm for acoustic images and 78 mm for backlit images. In addition, depending on the construction method with backlighting or acoustic material, we offer a variety of construction depths between a minimum of 19 mm and a maximum of 150 mm. Our consulting team is happy to inform you about all currently available options.

Our frames are made of aluminum, which makes them extremely strong, relatively light and easy to transport when disassembled.

LED and acoustic systems

Our full-surface LED louvers illuminate motifs of any size evenly and intensively. Whether from a short or long viewing distance – the interaction of our LED lighting with our high-resolution prints makes every image uniquely brilliant.

Yes, on request we’re happy to integrate a wirelessly controllable module for switching the backlighting on and off, optionally, we can also add dimmer function for adjusting brightness. This module can be controlled both with its own radio remote control and via smartphone app.

Yes, we can integrate all the necessary devices to connect to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control systems into our frames. Currently, we use the Casambi system or the ZigBee network protocol to accomplish that.

Yes, in this case we can install rechargeable batteries in the frame, which you only need to charge every four to eight hours, depending on the size of the object. If you are planning to use a battery-powered frame, please contact us for further details.

Our acoustic frames provide a pleasant soundscape in interiors and measurably reduces sound reduction in high traffic spaces. Our acoustic solutions are so popular because we produce them individually to your design specifications, meaning they can be integrated easily into your existing interior design scheme. In large formats they can also become a central element in your interior design.

Acoustic solutions are most effective when used in the right place in the right format. That’s why we offer a comprehensive consultation from the experts on our team who will conduct an on-site professional assessment for larger projects. We’ll help you make an optimal selection and show you all the different options that are available.

Yes, in this case a frame depth is selected that allows the LED louvre to be mounted on the acoustic material for backlighting. That means the surface still has a positive acoustic effect.


Prints, frame systems and accessories are shipped in ready-to-assemble units, if need be in more than one package. These can be easily assembled by the recipient on site. We’ll be sure to provide the appropriate assembly instructions and hints.

If a project requires it, ready-assembled products can also be supplied.

To handle your bulk orders, we have all the bulk shipping options available, in addition to the necessary production and packaging equipment. Our shipping warehouse is designed for fulfillment on Euro pallets and we work closely with renowned national and international shipping service providers.

Yes, to ensure that every copy of your bulk run arrives exactly where you want it, our production, fulfillment and shipping teams use a database-driven process management system. You can discuss your individual shipping requirements in detail with your project manager at CCS. Then you give us your droplist and we take care of the rest.

Yes, on request we’ll send a setup team to professionally install our frames for you on site.

Please let us know exactly where in the world you or a person or company named by you would like to receive the goods. We’ll take care of the appropriate packaging, all formalities, accompanying documents and specifics of the delivery route required. We are proud that there’s hardly ever been impossible for our fulfillment and delivery team to organize shipping to a given country.

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